• Qualified vehicle specialist workshop
  • Service for all brands
  • Roadworthiness test
  • Accident emergency service
  • Car-body and painting work
  • Direct settlement with all insurance companies

Our technical services – without prior registration

  • Electronics, mechanics, diagnostics – all repairs
  • Exhaust system (repair and change)
  • Brake system (system check and maintenance / change / ABS diagnosis)
  • Tire repair, change and storage
  • Axle alignment, change of axle boots, chasis measurement
  • Shock absorber service
  • Oil changes / lubricants
  • Battery- / generator- / starter- / ignition- / lighting (service and change / on-board diagnostics)
  • Air conditioning (maintenance and disinfection)
  • Roadworthiness test
  • Quick repair of windscreen damages caused by stone chips
  • Airbag diagnosis
  • Car care for value retention (recommended period: spring and autumn)
  • Paint preservation and varnishing polish / care of plastic parts
  • External and internal cleaning / engine wash

Simple and fast accident and minor damage management
for example windscreen repairs, repair of dents and scratches, paint care etc. Car rental fleet with over 100 cars.

Efficient repair methods
No need for a deductible for insurances. Low costs, high quality, quick administration and customer friendly solutions – as for example a proper replacement vehicle. The insurance company is pleased with it and the insured party does not have to take care of the insurance premium increase, which is usually necessary in such cases.
Windscreen repair with important savings

Approximately 80% of stone chip damages can be repaired with a repair resin and cure by UV-frequency, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the vehicle owner.

Perfect sense
Spot-repair – No need for a deductibles for insurances.
Stone chips, scratches and small paint damages are an ideal basis for rust formation. As a qualified vehicle specialist workshop we take responsibility for the professional repair of car-body panels.

Accident quick service
Helping quickly is helping twice – Because long waiting times usually cause unwanted additional costs for the person concerned.

Direct settlement with all insurance companies
Once the vehicle has been repaired, we handle the financial transaction directly with the insurer.