Rolls Royce Silver Wraith


In 1956, the Grand Palais general manager in Paris bought this fantastic Rolls-Royce to offer ist wealthy guests a special chauffeur service. This made this Rolls so well-known and famous that even Hollywood was interested. In 1980, California-based movieakaufangebot Gigant bought the Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith and was immediately used as a luxurious movie car in the movie “Arthur” starring Liza Minelli, Sir John Gielgud and Dudley Moore. The movie was a huge success and got several Oscars. After the filming and fulminating presentation, a wealthy American car collector from Florida bought this Rolls and it became the flagship in its private exquisite luxury vehicle collection. After the death of this classic car collector, the Rolls was shipped to Europe where it was acquired by a wealthy Russian businessman to make trips with his family. But as the kids got older and had better things to do, the Rolls-Royce was sold and has been part of the FunCar family ever since. This car was and is a reliable companion and technically in perfect condition!
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